Gavin Holmes


There goes the pitch! Wow, that kid has a strong arm! Out! Nice one Gavin! Holmes is your last name for a reason, no one could hit a home run with you around here pitching!
Well... Gavin used to have a friend named Dylan, for eight years, then Gavin moved away from California, to the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota. To go back further, when he was two, he through a golf-ball at the TV!
He likes the Giants, and also the Lakers. He has two dogs! Why not? Were talking about Gavin Holmes here. Have you ever seen him? Blond hair, orange wristband, neon laced shoes, you get the picture.
Lets talk favorites. His favorite restaurant is In and Out. His favorite colors are bright neon shades, just like him.

Bet you didn't know he used to have a stuffed monkey! Did I mention that he likes schrimp? He plays the trumpet, saxophone, and drums too!

The happy, active boy you know as Gavin Holmes, really is nice. He also has a freckle on his eye! I know, weird! But he is very nice, like the time he held the door open for some people.
In total, Gavin is an outstanding, nice, active, funny person!