Ms. Mead Gears Up for 4th Grade

Mrs. Renner's Classroom

I am Miranda Mead, a student teacher from Coe College. I have been with Mrs. Renner's class for the last four weeks. As I am getting ready to full time teach for the next three weeks, I wanted to make contact with you all! I am so excited to be apart of your child's classroom. Mrs. Renner and all of the students have welcomed me and made me feel apart of the class from the beginning. I have started classroom survivor with the students and they seem to love it! They are sitting in tribes/groups and they can earn points if they are on task, ready to learn, and following directions! However, they can lose points if they are not following directions. Every Friday we do a tribe vs tribe challenge for team building. We have had a lot of fun with our challenges! I have some pictures below of the last two challenges!

I will be sending you a newsletter each week for the rest of my time here! I look forward to continuing my work with your children at Grant for the next few weeks.