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April 16, 2021

From Mrs. Rhodes

My mom recently ordered me Reader's Digest. I like it because it is full of short articles, a blend of fiction and true stories, funny and serious things. I tore two articles out that I thought had some great info in for all of us. The first was called Rules for Being the Age You Are - tips on how to live happier lives. As I was glancing at this, I thought of our receptions for the people that the students nominated for the Kindest Kansas Citian. One tip was to not just give compliments, but eulogies - telling them how fantastic they are to the point of embarrassing them! Seeing the adults humbled by the students who gushed over why they were the kindest was just that. The other article was called Go Ahead, Do Nothing. As I was excited about the idea, it was a little different than me not cleaning my house. The article said that when we let our brains have down time (even being bored) it can help us solve problems. It says, "Studies show that taking breaks and allowing your thoughts to drift can help your brain retain information, refocus, gain fresh perspective, and make new connections between ideas. Just think of the 'eureka moments' that occur when we're engaged in most mundane tasks, such as showering...." Then I think about what Jesus said, how we should be like children. God is good all the time and He has a great plan for our lives.

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Support the Fund the Need

Brown Bottle Registration: The Brown Bottle Auction is going VIRTUAL on Saturday, April 17. Don't miss this golden opportunity to celebrate 50 years of Brown Bottle Auctions! Click here for event details and to register! There will be a great video explaining the Fund-the-Need that night. We are asking for donations to improve the cafeteria equipment. Our first goal is to get a serving line that has a glass covering so food can be put on the trays as the students walk past without breaking the backs of those serving. Additional money will go to replacing cafeteria tables. Thanks for supporting our parish and this special fund the need.

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From Nurse Mary

There are no new Covid cases or quarantines this week!

I would like to thank you for being prudent in keeping your children home when they have symptoms that might be contagious or too difficult to manage at school. It is always best to err on the side of safety when there is a potential to expose a large number of people to any communicable disease. I appreciate your support in helping me to keep the health and safety SHOJ my top priority.

As we are well aware, seasonal allergies are upon us. I understand that seasonal allergies can be difficult to manage and can easily get out of control. To make the school day run as smooth as possible for students, parents and staff, I am asking that we make sure we manage seasonal allergy symptoms as best as we can before sending students to school, such as: giving prescribed or OTC allergy medications, ensuring adequate sleep, drinking plenty of water, fueling with proper nutrition, etc. We do not keep allergy medication in the office.

Thank you again for your joint effort in keeping SHOJ a healthy place!

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From SHOJ Youth Ministry - time to plan summer camps

Prayer and Action and The Summit (see PDF) are great options for your high schoolers.
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Bishop Miege Summer Camps

There are several camps offered this summer at Bishop Miege High School. Check out the PDF below.
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St. James Academy Youth Summer Camps
Registration is open for our high school and youth summer camps.

Visit for more information.

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Calendar Dates

April 24 First Communion

May 7 No School

May 8 Confirmation

May 14 Middle School House Activity

May 17 Year book Signing

May 18 SHOJ Graduation

May 24 Field Day

May 26 11:30 Dismissal