Puketapu School Newsletter

Week 3, Term 2, 2019

Empower All People to be Healthy, Lifelong Learners

Kia kaha - do your best * Kia māia - be courageous * Kia manawanui - have a heart

Kia ora koutou,

It has been great watching our akonga and teachers being a part of such purposeful and fun learning experiences over the past few weeks. The Royal NZ Ballet, Duffy Theatre, Rotary readers, Junior and Senior Kapa Haka, Pasifika group, Year 5/6 ripper rugby, Rimu trip to Pukekura Park are some of the activities our students have been part of over the past three weeks.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with our parents and kids at Pukekura Park yesterday and it was so great seeing them playing, communicating, taking risks, problem-solving and exploring. Thank you to all of our parents that help out on these types of excursions. We really appreciate it.

During Term 2 take time to take care of yourselves. Get out into nature, drink lots of water, sleep 7-8 hours a night, laugh lots.

Nga mihi

Matua Ngatai

Rimu at the Zoo

What a fabulous day we had at Brooklands Zoo and Pukekura Park.

The weather stayed nice thank goodness as it looked like rain for a wee while. A massive thank you to all the mums, dads and whanau who came along to support us and enjoy the day. We loved seeing you enjoying time with your children as well as getting to know other parents and families in Rimu. The park was gorgeous.... beautiful autumn colours everywhere. We highly recommend taking your family for a walk and a play. We are so lucky to have such an amazing place a short bus ride away.

Para Kore - Zero Waste

The other day Totara tipped out our rubbish bins after a weeks worth of collecting to see what we had thrown away.

This was a little smelly, but it was part of this terms inquiry: Pare Kore - Zero Waste. Our challenge is to reduce the amount of waste we make! Watch this space!

Big picture
Big picture

Stop Littering - by Tayte

In Kowhai 2 we have been doing some written pieces that clearly give our opinion on a certain topic. As we are studying Para Kore - Zero Waste, we have chosen to share our opinion on this topic. Here is Tayte's first draft:

Whale found with 6kg of plastic in its stomach

People aren't listening. It's not fair. That whale died by swallowing our waste. It wasn't their fault, it was ours. We need to reduce waste, and fast. In my opinion, we need to stop littering, and not just every once in a while. To make an impact, we need to make a difference every day. Animals are dying because of our waste, and that's only one of the the worst things.

Have you heard of the Great Pacific garbage patch? It's basically a big rubbish dump in the middle of the ocean that's about the size of Russia (more than 15,000,000 square kilometres), and is still growing.

Why do people litter? Because their lazy. They can't be bothered to walk to the nearest rubbish bin, or at least take it home. And people wonder why everything is getting polluted.

So next time you go to throw rubbish on the ground, stop and think. That one piece of rubbish, no matter how small, could be fatal.

The Great Pacific garbage patch

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What a Reader!

BIG homai te pakipaki to Chayse Hodson and his whanau for reading 75 nights together! Massive effort and all this reading will really help Chayse further his learning! The smile on his face says it all - well done Chayse!

Reading the Instructions for Bubbly Fun

One of the Totara 1 reading groups had fun reading and following instructions from Junior Journal 44 - how to make bubble makers using a variety of materials.
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Having your Say

Thank you to all those who completed last term's Community Survey. We are currently analysing the information and will report back soon.

Thank you also to those who have completed the Health Survey - if you haven't done so, you have only a few more days: Please help by completing the online Health Survey:

Global Designs

Last Friday Kauri took part on the International Global Design Day.

They were given different challenges they could take on.

Some built a bridge to carry all three Billy Goats Gruff.

Some built an arcade game

And some designed their own sports game.

And then we tested them...

The Tech Hub

Kia ora Puketapu Whanau,

This week in tech we are looking at the design process to start researching, thinking about and designing a product to store or hold something.

We are looking at different stakeholders (people) and what their needs and wants are. Throughout this term we will make a prototype of this product and then next term we will make the final prototype. Its been interesting to see what the kids are coming up with, each of them different.

To continue with our planting of crops, our seedlings are growing really well in the classroom. Its like a mini glasshouse, nice and warm!

All the students seemed to enjoy making the Butter Chicken last week, and I have been encouraging them to make it again at home. I hope some of you ave been able to try it!

Have a great week. I will have another recipe for you next week. And please don't forget to pay your tech fees.

Nga mihi
Mrs Wigley.

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Year 5&6 Interschool

Great first interschool game for our Year 5 & 6 tamariki last week. We lost all of our games but our students all showed Kia Maia and Kia Kaha. We look forward to our next game against Waitara East next Friday.

Go.... Penguins!

Puketapu Penguins are the year 7&8 team for this years basketball competition and they have started their season off with a win! They beat Devon 33-23 with Nathan Deacon and Luke Sowman shooting a couple of three pointers each.

Nathan Deacon won Player of the Game due to his positive attitude and showing our school values. Nathan is pictured with Pete the Penguin who is the teams mascot and goes home to Player of the Game for a week. Whoever takes Pete home chooses who gets Player of the Game the following week!

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Winter Sports

Miniball, netball, basketball and hockey are underway now. Thanks to everyone who helps out to make sport happen for our kids. You are greatly appreciated.

To all those children playing sports organised through clubs, have a great season as well.

Remember our Code of Conduct is simply our school values. Kia Kaha, Kia Maia and Kia Manawanui. Show our values to your team, your coach, parent helpers, supporters, your opposition... everyone!


The tamariki put in some amazing mahi at the Rippa Rugby competition on Tuesday, with one team earning a spot in the final. Unfortunately they lost the final against Fitzroy, but they are extremely stoked to be selected to go and play in the Taranaki Tournament at Yarrows Stadium.

Well done everyone and a big thank you to Miss Megaw and the parents who made it possible.

Big picture
Big picture

School Fundraiser Quiz Night

Thursday 27 June at the Plymouth Hotel.

Tickets will be available soon from the Office or to buy on the night. These will be $10 each.

There will be meals and drinks available from the bar, if you wish to have dinner before hand.


Teacher Strike

As you have no doubt heard on the news, teachers' unions have voted to strike.

The proposed date for the nationwide strike is Wednesday 29 May.

We will have more information for you next week.

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Way to go Kalilah!

Kalilah from Kauri 3 was picked from over 50 students around the Taranaki for an all expenses paid trip to the Poor Nights Islands for a snorkeling experience like no other.

The Experiencing Marine Reserves group have all been working on Action Projects to help protect our marine wildlife. Kalilah has written a story highlighting how to look after a NZ Fur Seal if you see one. Her next step is to turn it into a picture book. We look forward to hearing about her adventures when she returns.

Maths @ Home

Mrs Paterson, Puketapu School’s ‘Maths Support Teacher’ has been working with groups of students to develop students who are confident to give something a go, who ask good questions and listen to others’ ideas.

While maths used to be about speed, this is no longer our aim. We seek to develop mathematical students who, working collaboratively, can problem solve, explain their thinking and communicate their findings.

NZMaths has some great ideas that you can work together on at home - check out https://nzmaths.co.nz/families-and-wh-nau

For example, here is one problem to try together:

Strawberry Milk
Hannah has a square milk crate that would hold four cartons. How many ways can she put two strawberry milk cartons into the crate?

The page https://nzmaths.co.nz/resource/strawberry-milk-0 has information about this challenge, which develops two important concepts, and helps you understand how to help develop your child's thinking.

Brave the Shave

Showing our Puketapu School values of Kia Manawanui, we are wanting to raise funds for Cancer Awareness. Our very own Mr Alejandro Barrientos and some very brave students:

  • Luke Sowman
  • Nevaeh Neilson
  • Toby Radcliffe
  • Hana Ashworth-Hall
  • Meshach Murray

are going to get their heads shaved to support individuals and whanau affected by cancer. All proceeds will go towards the Taranaki Cancer Society.

Parent Rudi Weideman is also joining the shave and raising funds.

Our goal was to try and raise at least $1000 with the big head shave taking place on Friday 28 June. We have already reached our goal but let's keep pushing for a great cause!

We also have a number of students supporting their peers by raising funds on their behalf, those who help raise funds also go into the draw to win spot prizes!

This event is proudly supported by Bell Block Barbers who will be doing the head shave.

If you would like to support us, you can donate at: https://bravetheshavecentraldistricts.everydayhero.com/nz/puketapu-school-brave-the-shave-fundraiser

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Yummy Stickers

Yummy stickers are on fruit everywhere and if we start collecting them we can get some sports gear for free.

You can download collection sheets from https://www.yummyfruit.co.nz/schools/ or pick one up from the office. We only have two terms to collect all we can so munch and crunch apples and pears as much as you can.

Completed sheets can be handed to Mrs J in Kauri 3.

Puketapu Hoodies and T-Shirts - LAST CALL FOR ORDERS!

We will be putting in an order for Puketapu School branded hoodies - AT THE END OF THIS WEEK (lots of different colours in a range of child and adult sizes) and for Puketapu School branded T-Shirts in the four Whanau Group colours.

T-Shirts will be $15 each (AS brand) or $25 with your name on the back.

Hoodies will be $55 with your name on the back, $45 without.

There are samples at the office to check sizes and quality. Orders must be paid in full in advance.

Board of Trustees Elections

Next month we will be electing the Board of Trustees for the next three years. We will be electing five parent representatives. Nomination forms have been posted out to all voters.

Governance, the role of the Board, is about vision and organisational direction. It is the “big picture” concerning the processes put in place to ensure the school achieves its objectives in an effective and transparent manner

Good governance adds value by improving the performance of the school through more efficient management, more strategic and equitable resource allocation and service provision, and other such efficiency improvements that lend themselves to improved development outcomes and impacts. It also ensures the ethical and effective implementation of its core functions.

It is important to our school that we have a range of people to represent all our community on our board. Who will you nominate to represent us?

Nominations must be in Friday 24 May and Election Day is Friday 7 June 2019.

Friday Lunches

Order and pay at the office before 3.30pm on Wednesday.

Friday 17 May

  • Bacon sour cream stuffed Potato $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Country Chicken Noodle$5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Cheese Scone) $5

Friday 24 May

  • Mild Mince Nachos $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Veggie $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Savoury Pinwheel) $5

Friday 31 May

  • Mince and Cheese Pie $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Creamy Chicken $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Mini Bacon and Egg Puff) $5

Friday 7 June

  • Hawaiian Quiche $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Sweetcorn and Bacon $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Mini Ham and Cheese Croissant) $5

Friday 14 June

  • 8" sausage with Mash potato and Cheese - comes with potato gems $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Pumpkin $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Ham Sandwich) $5

Friday 21 June

  • Sausage Roll with potato gems $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Chicken and Sweetcorn $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Cheese Scone) $5

Friday 28 June

  • Macaroni and Cheese (Bacon) $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Kumera and Bacon $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Savoury Pinwheel) $5

Friday 5 July

  • American Hotdog $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Veggie $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Mini Bacon and Egg Puff $5

Congratulations To...

They've only been back at school two days and already they are being awesome! Congratulations to our Puketapu Superstars this week:

Kia Kaha - Do Your Best
  • Rangi Tau Brider
  • Xavier Peters
  • Kairyn Niwa-Te Huia
  • Lilly Keoghan La-Rue
  • Nabeel Sahrun
  • Sapphire Kuchler

Kia Maia - Be Courageous

  • Osborne Grace

Kia Manawanui - Have a Heart

  • Marissa Gordon
  • Kirsty Stoneman

Our Roll is 370!

Welcome to Zane Gallichan, Bailey Larsen, Megan Larsen, Johnson Sioli and Flynn Bird who started at Puketapu this week.


Happy birthday to all those who have Birthdays this week:

  • Zane Gallichan
  • Nixon Gadsby
  • Billy MacRae
  • Alexander Den-McKay
  • Ngakau Cameron
  • Noah Gomez
  • Amaia Sherry
  • Murray Sioli
  • Harshal Nand
  • Damon Judd
  • Harlee Ruwhiu
  • Koen Adams
  • Kylah Neilson
  • Taylor Harvey
  • Deja Tohi
  • Nikayda Taylor
  • Lucian Hosking
  • Lucy Nicholas
  • Tariana Ormsby-Turner
  • Will Kirkland

Not before 8.30am please

While we love tamariki to be at school nice and early, please don't drop them off before 8.15am on Breakfast Club mornings (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) or 8.30am on Mondays and Fridays.

If you need to be at work before this time, please contact Cherish Childcare to talk about Before School Care options - 06 755 4405.

Breakfast Club - Three Days Every Week!

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning is Kick Start Breakfast Club.

Come along for a free breakfast 8.15-8.45am

Big picture
A big thank you to Janelle and Stuart Urbahn for arranging this wonderful donation to Kick Start Breakfast from Countdown at the Valley. Yum!

Thank you also to the Leaf Whanau for their generous donation of the little freezer for the sick bay. Now our ice packs will be close at hand whenever they are needed.

Clothes Swap - Save the Date!

Friday 26 July, Fred Tucker Hall - Free entry

Clean out your wardrobe and bring your good used (adult) clothes to the school office.

On the night, come along and try on a bargain.

Proceeds will be going to Kick Start Breakfast


LOST: Black Round Cycle Helmet with "Bell" in White Letters on it.

If you know the whereabouts of this Helmet can you please contact the Office.

What's On: This week and next

Wednesday 15 May:

Board of Trustees Meeting 6.30pm

Monday 20 May:

NYLD19 (Palmerston North) (20 Student Leaders will be attending this nationwide event)

Tuesday 21 May:

NYLD19 (Palmerston North)

Wednesday 22 May:

ZEAL Empowering Young Leaders Day (NP)

Friday 24 May:

Last date for Board of Trustee nominations

What's on: Rest of the Term

As we continue with our planning, more things will be added to our Calendar. Further information will come home regarding trips and outings.

Monday 27 May: 9:30-10:30 am Inglewood High School Principal (Rosie Mabin) and Student Leaders Visit to Puketapu Year 8s

Wednesday 29 May: Proposed Teacher Strike Day

Monday 3 June: QUEENS BIRTHDAY - No School

Thursday 6 June: Proposed Kowhai Hickford Park Clean Up Day

Friday 7 June: Board of Trustee Election Day

Monday 17 - Friday 21 June: Hockey coaching this week for Totara, Kowhai and Kauri (more info to follow)

Wednesday 19 June: Board of Trustees Meeting (first for new Board)

Monday 24 June:Hockey coaching this week for Totara, Kowhai and Kauri

Thursday 27 June: Home & School Quiz Night

Friday 28 June: Brave the Shave

Friday 5 July - LAST DAY OF TERM 2

Community Notices

Friends and Family at Noel Leeming

This week - 13-19 May - Don't forget to go along to get a bargain at Noel Leeming stores in New Plymouth for some great bargains just for us!

As well as saving some money, you will be helping raise funds for the school.

Show the flier to get your discount. (Spare fliers are at the school office.)

Big picture

Have a go at... Skating

Naki Skate Skills Learn to Skate Group Classes recommences Saturday 18th May, 2019

These run 9.30 – 10.30am at the East End Reserve Skating Arena.

$3 per skater ($2 extra for Hire skates). No bookings required.

Doors open by 9.15am. Please arrive early to ensure ready to start at 9.30am.

For further information Contact Sheryll or Val Ph 7586233