America Falling Behind in Academics

What Can We Do to Improve?

Extracuricular Activites

  • Research shows activities help develop a positive correlation with academics
  • Develop skills outside of the classroom
  • Helps maintain interest in school, providing recreation for students

Benefits of AP Courses

  • AP Students maintain higher GPA's and graduation rates in high school
  • AP Courses also correlates with better College achievement
  • Students that perform in AP classes are better prepared for college courses

Improving Teacher Quality and Standards

  • U.S. teaching quality reflects achievement of students
  • Foreign competitors hold teachers to higher standards, developing nations youth more effectively
  • U.S. needs to increase standards and incentivize teachers

Adapting Within the Classroom

  • In a more self oriented system, students reach personal connections with content they are taught
  • Teachers should become "designers"
  • Technology can assist, meeting evolving classroom needs

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