Transportation and Communication

It made life faster and easier.

The first toll roads

Turnpikes were private roads built by entrepreneurs who charged travelers a small toll or fine to use their to use their roads. The roads were well managed so thats why people used them a lot.

Man made rivers

In the late 1700s and 1800s canals were all across Britain to make shipping goods faster. Canals are rivers that are dug out and willed with water. They were useful because you could use them year round unlike roads where in the winter there frozen and in the spring when there muddy.

The Iron Horse

In the early 1800s George Stephenson and other inventors developed a locomotive powered by steam that would pull carts on a iron tracks. The steam locomotive was better then canals because with the locomotive you didnt have to follow the corse of the river and rails are fatser to build then canals. you can also move more goods with a locomotive then on a ship.