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Michael Chambers

Muckraking Messenger

BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS, USA - I am here to expose child labor. The children of the U.S. deserve to have better health and a better education! The government is responsible for this because they're not doing anything to stop it. Lillian Wald has campaigned tirelessly to improve the conditions of children. Please help Lillian Wald and many other people to stop all of this.
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Yellow Journalism Enterprise

MARION IOWA, USA- More and more Americans are going to the islands, and investors and sugar planters are growing very rich because Americans have a sweet tooth! I wouldn't mind being rich. What about you? To keep the business running they need a lot of workers, but there isn't many Hawaiians left so they have to bring in workers from China, Japan, and the Philippines. So if you're from China, Japan, or the Philippines what are you waiting for?!

Fight For Your Country

LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA, USA - Uncle Sam needs your help... He needs anyone from the nation that is willing to help. If your loved your country you would do it. People died to make our country the way it is today. Are you gonna stand up and fight for your country, or are you gonna let this happen to our nation? Your decision think about it.
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Gilded Age For Sale; Automobile for sale! This is for the wealthy. A new automobile will cost you about $2,500.

Gilded Age Wanted; Are you interested in getting to and from work faster? Costs are also cheap because it is shared by many.

Progressive Services; Lillian Wald is helping health services for the poor. She is helping to create a healthier environment.

WWI Wanted; The troops want plenty of food and supplies, so the Lever Food and Control Act was passed.

WWI Services; The Lever Food and Fuel Control Act has been passed, Administration will set production goals and prices for fuel.

Roaring 20s For Sale; Portable radios for sale so you can listen to your music, only $75.

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WWI Update

CEDAR RAPIDS IOWA, USA - I have some sad news to report, Franz Ferdinand has recently been assassinated. He was born on December 18, 1863 and I am sad to report that he is dead today on, June 28, 1914. R.I.P. Franz. He was the Royal Prince of Hungary and of Bohemia. Also, he was the Archduke of Austria-Este. I can't even imagine the pain his family and friends are going through, because they have lost a special person in their lives today.
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The "Babe"

NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK, USA - George Herman A.K.A. Babe Ruth is an all time great in Baseball. He played 22 years in the MLB. One thing most people don't know was that, he played for the Baltimore Orioles as a minor leaguer. This led to him being sold to THE Boston Red Sox. He also started his career as a pitcher and was very good at it. I bet you didn't know that! When he finally got a shot in the MLB he proved everyone wrong by putting up numbers that were outstanding. He will always be known as one the greatest MLB players of all time. Babe Ruth retired in 1935 after a great career he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame.
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GILLETTE STADIUM, MASSACHUSETTS USA - Alphonso Gabriel A.K.A. the most wanted man, Al Capone was one of the most successful gangsters of all time, he was born in 1899 and passed away in 1947 from Bronchopneumonia. He lived a very short life. He was best known for running an organized crime family out of Chicago. When Al Capone was growing up there wasn't much for a child to do besides join gangs, and run wild so he dropped out of school in 6th grade to become a gangster.
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Deadly Earthquake Of 1906

Gilded Age State: California, The earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco, California ranks as one of the most significant earthquakes of all time. At 5:12 A.M. a foreshock occurred with sufficient force. About 20 to 25 seconds later broke loose and the earthquake lasted about 60 seconds and was felt from Southern Oregon to the south of California. The magnitude of the earthquake was 8.25. This earthquake left many people homeless and dead.

Irish Population In Massachusetts

Progressive/Imperialism State: Massachusetts, More than 22% of Massachusett's population reports Irish ancestry. That is more than any other state's. The reason for their high percentage of Irish was because because the Northeastern states were the states Irish immigrants would hit first.
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Volcanoes and Crater Lake

WWI State: Oregon, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S. And it is the 7th deepest lake in the entire world. The lake depth is about 1,943 feet. There are 19 volcanoes in Oregon and 5 of them are active. Some of these Volcanoes can be very very dangerous.

The Grand Canyon

Roaring 20's state: Arizona, The Grand Canyon is a big attraction site in Arizona about 5 million people visit it annually. Many people consider it to be one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It is 277 miles in length. It is about 6,000 feet deep. It became a national park in 1919 and it was the 17th national park to be established in the United States. American Indians have been living in and around the canyon for years.