Air Traffic Controller

Raul Miranda Period 7/8

The Duties of an Air Traffic Controller

The Air Traffic Controller is the person that is in the tower at the airports. They tell planes where to land and tell other planes where to take off. Their job is critical because if they make one wrong move they can kill a lot of people in a plane crash.


  • Must be a U.S citizen
  • Complete an air traffic management defgee from a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified school
  • Must be younger than 31 if you don't have prior controller experience
  • Good in stressful situations
  • Must be self confident
  • Must be dedicated
  • Must be motivated and committed


  • If you do not have prior experience you can take a test at a FAA certified school
  • If you are in the military you may not need to take the test
  • Requires bachelor degree or related experience
  • 8-hour certification exam

Job Outlook

  • Decline 3% from 2010 to 2020

Salary/wage potential

  • Median pay- $108,040 per year
  • $51.94 per hour

Working Location/Schedule

Locations- the control towers in airports

Schedule- the traditional 40-hours a week and possibility for over-time can mean more vacation or more pay

Advanced Opportunities

  • Commercial pilots
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Terminal Air Traffic Controller