Reproductive Health

Thomas Burchell

Who should be getting a test?

Mammograms are for Middle aged women who may have cancer in the breast. While testicular cancer is for men who may have gotten cancer in the scrotum. Prostate exams are for older men and pap smears are for women, sometimes men.

At What Age Are The Tests Given?

Mammograms- Middle Age women 30-50's

Testicular Cancer- Younger Men 20-40's

Prostate Exams- Older Men 50-70's

Pap smears- Women 21-65

How Many Times Should Tests Be Given?

Mammograms- Every 2 years for women 50-75 years old

Pap Smear- Women age 21-30 should get tested every 3 years

Testicular Cancer- Check yourself every month

Prostate Exam- Every 4 years

Check ups

  • Mammograms are xrays of the breast in women, used to check for breast cancer in women with no symptoms.
  • Pap smears is a screening procedure for cervical cancer, the opening of the uterus
  • Testicular cancer, a check to see if a males has cancer in the scrotum.
  • Prostate exams, relatively easy check to see if the person has prostate cancer.
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