Semester Review

By: Jaycie Capasso

John Locke

  • Philosopher
  • Against absolute rule of one person
  • believed in life, liberty and prospect


  • Ruler holds total power
  • Tied to the divine rights of kings
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Louis XVI

King of France during the French Revolution
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Causes of WW1

  • Military
  • Alliance
  • Imperialism
  • Nationalism
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WW1 important dates

1914- WWI begins

1917- Us joins

1918- WWI ends

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Reign of Terror

French Revolution

Started by the storming of the bastille

Led by Robesierre

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Henry VIII

King of England

Started a new church- Anglican Church of England

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A larger country influencing a smaller country

US wanting the Philippines

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Martin Luther

Protested the Catholic Churches

Lutheran Church was founded

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Nicholas Copernicus


Sun was the center of the Universe

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