Prevention and Warning Signs

What are the Warning Signs?

Some verbal signs of someone contemplating suicide include:

- Direct statements such as "I don't want to live anymore."

- Indirect statements such as "I won't be a problem much longer."

- Writing poems, songs lyrics, or dietary entries that deal with death.

- Suicide threats or insinuations that are either direct or indirect.

Some physical signs of someone contemplating suicide include:

- An unusual obsession with death

- Withdrawal from friends

- Significant deterioration in academic performance

- An overwhelming sense of guilt

- Intolerance to praise or rewards

How to Help

- Make yourself familiar with the warning signs

- Always take the idea of suicide seriously; never joke about it

- If someone you know shows signs of suicide, tell an adult immediately; don't try to talk them out of it

If someone you know is going to commit suicide...

1. Initiate a meaningful conversation with them

2. Show support and ask questions

3. Try to persuade the person to seek help