Wired on Wednesday

November 20, 2013

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Learning on the Go!

BYOD has moved from the classroom to the bus. According to the company website, "StudyBoost allows students to study by answering self- or teacher-prepared questions, at home or while on the go." This free resource uses SMS text-messaging (for students with unlimited data plans), Facebook Chat, Yahoo Messenger, and many more. Students can share a batch of study questions or search for batches that meet their needs. Learn more at StudyBoost.com.

YA Fiction on the Big Screen

Snipping Tool

Looking for a quick way to capture screen shots? Try the snipping tool built into Windows. This easy to use resource is a viable option for students who need a quick copy and paste for a class project. Find out more by watching the video below

How to use the snipping tool in Windows 7

Easiest Way to Create & Deliver Digital Lessons

Blendspace is a user-friendly interface that lets you drag-and-drop digital content to build lessons in 5 minutes. Watch the quick intro below.

Getting Started with Blendspace
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A Free Newsletter Option

If you like the format of this issue of Wired on Wednesday, then check out Smore. Use it in the classroom for class news or as a project platform for students. Smore is intuitive and allows users to easily insert pictures, videos, and hyperlinks.

SkyDrive Pro

If you're planning on using SkyDrive Pro with your students, we suggest asking your students to set up their account ahead of time. Video tutorials and handouts are available on the Learning Commons website. On day one of a project, make sure all accounts are created. Remind students that the only place to save now is on SkyDrive, Google Drive, or a flash drive. Saving to the computer will leave their work on the computer they are currently working on. If you need assistance, your media specialists are happy to help!

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