Math and Science Partnership

Professional Development Opportunity at Wallace State

All interested Science teachers in Cullman and surrounding counties, please see information below.

Wallace State Community College will host a collaboration between science teachers of Cullman and surrounding counties and the developers from the Wallace State Advanced Visualization Center (AVC). In an effort to promote understanding through the use of technology, teachers will work with developers to create virtual learning objects that will be available for use in the classroom. In addition, three classes in Cullman County will be selected to host a 3D projection system allowing students to interact with virtual learning objects.

The professional development sessions will be held June 17-19th, 2013 in 3-hour sessions at Wallace State Community College. Interested parties should use this link to apply by June 10th. Space is limited and stipends ($300) will be granted for participation.

Math and Science Partnership WSCC June 17-19, 2013

Monday, June 17th, 9am

801 Main Street NW

Hanceville, AL

Session times will be determined based on interest. Training will take place at the Advanced Visualization Lab for 3 hours per day during the 3-day session.