Back To School Night

Beyer High School 9/3/2013

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A Little about Mrs. Leanne Cruz

  • This is my 10th year at Beyer, I teach all of the AlgebraParallel classes, but I have taught all of the subjects at one point and time.
  • I am also the Special Education Department Chairperson, for Beyer
  • Before I came to Beyer I was a Special Education Teacher in the state of Washington for 9 years

Classroom Procedures:

  1. Get all your materials off the assigned shelf
  2. Do warm-ups from the overhead on individual whiteboards
  3. We will go over the warm-ups
  4. We will go over any questions from the previous day, clarify what weekly assignments are, and do sample problems if needed on our whiteboards
  5. Students will work individually on their weekly assignments
  6. Most weekly assignments are due on Thursday at the end of the period (Friday is for catch up, makeup, review weekly goals, and Quizzes/Tests. )
  7. Once your assignment is completed:
    1. You may quietly help your neighbor with their assignment
    2. You may quietly do work for another class
    3. You may read quietly
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Course Syllibus and Outline

Beyer High School 209-576-4314

Mrs. Cruz

Career Math, Algebra 1, CAHSEE Alg, and Basic Alg Parallel


Course Description: Career Math Par covers about 15 of the key standards of Algebra found on the CAHSEE exam. Units of instruction include order of operations, integers, solving equations graphing linear equations, systems of linear equations, inequalities, exponents, quadratic equations, radicals and polynomials.


Provided by Teacher:

Textbook: Holt, Algebra

3ring binder (stays in class)

Calculator - student can check one out of they want to

Provided by Student/Parents:

Pencil and Paper (I really need whiteboard markers)

Homework – Students have homework (practice) every week! It is usually ready for them on Mondays and needs to be turned in with all their weekly assignments on Thursdays. I find that most students are doing homework in class after they finish up their weekly assignments. So you may or may not see that homework coming home.

Quizzes/Test – Students usually have quizzes/tests on Friday to assess their weekly work.

Binders – Binders/Notebooks are kept in class on an assigned bookshelf, they are asked not to take those home, so that they have their weekly work with them everyday!!

Calculators – Calculators can be checked out to each student and kept in their backpacks. These calculators are checked out to each student just like a text book, through the bookroom, and are very expensive to replace. I provide a class set and they can use my calculators if necessary

Website: The entire book and tutorials are online at

User name: mcsresource1 Password: mathhelp

Absences: Students are responsible to get their makeup assignment or quiz/test for theday/days that they miss.

Tardies: If you are tardy, students must enter quietly, and take you seat with as little disruption as possible. According to school policies, if you have 4 tardies you will be given a referral for detention to D36. If you have 5 tardies, you will get and unsatisfactory citizenship grade.

Grading Policy:

In class Work 25pts

Quizzes/Tests 25pts

Homework 25pts

Warmups 25pts

Notebook checks 10pts

Final Exam 200pts


Outstanding Satisfactory Unsatisfactory

2 tardies or less 3-4 tardies 5 or more tardies

All absences excused 1-2 unexcused absences more than 2 unexcused

All assignments turned in 75% of assignments in Less than 75% turned in

Excellent conduct Good conduct Any cheating incidents