1975 Mercedes 240D FOR SALE!


Meet Your New Mercedes

  • Runs on diesel or veggie oil
  • Runs excellent; starts up in any weather!
  • Power steering
  • Four speed manual transmission
  • Manual windows & door locks
  • White paint with navy blue interior
  • Chilly A/C - brrr! (recently recharged)
  • Block heater
  • Fluids changed dutifully
  • Original equipment oil bath air filter (never needs changing, just cleaning!)
  • Dry, rust free 115 chassis
  • Factory rebuilt replacement motor
  • Recently replaced oil pan with gasket
  • Upgraded with optional center vibration dampener
  • Special five row radiator (for those long treks through the scorching desert)
  • As many of you know, the speedometer turns over every 100K on these models
  • All work on this Mercedes has been done with original equipment from the dealership
  • 115 body style
  • 4 cylinder 240D diesel motor
  • "4 on the floor" manual transmission
  • Differential from a 300D for happy highway cruising
  • Super starting power with a turbo-diesel starter
  • Majestic white steering wheel
  • Block out AZ glare with a "third eye” middle sun visor
  • Rare (for 115s) passenger side rear view mirror
  • Double trouble bumpers from an early style 115
  • European version headlights
  • Recently installed "old stock" tail light lenses
  • Special machined stainless-steel inserts that allow for late style 190D glow plugs,
    which never wear out & burn exceptionally hot

Shutterbug Showcase

$3,500 or best offer