The Elevator

By: William Sleator


Martin wanted to get down to the entrance of the lobby or to get to his apartment but the only way to get to these places is to take the elevator. But martin doesn't want to take the elevator because he worries that the elevator will fall. So Martin uses the fat lady as an excuse to his dad so that he doesn't have to ride it alone. Then is dad told him to grow up and get over it.

Challenge connection

Well because there are many things that people don’t like or just afraid of. Like in the story “ the elevator” Martin is afraid of the elevator because he is scared that the elevator will fall down. I can relate that there are times that we just don’t want to do things. For example for me, I procrastinate in front of people because I don’t like to share my ideas opioion etc.


The conflict of the story is that Martin never wanted to use the elevator; a very small elevator. Martin was afraid that the elevator would fall, or be stuck in the elevator mostly because the way the elevator’s appearance looked In the end the resolution of it is that When martin wanted to go with his father to visit someone his father simply replied “grow up martin” since he knew that Martin seemed to be afraid of elevators


A. Protagonist

___Martin-the main character that seems to be noticed through out the story

B. Antagonist

_No antagonist but there was The elevator that martin seems to be afraid of…


The story is about a boy named Martin who is afraid of elevators

Other Connections

How I can connect with this story is that there was this one time that I was also afraid of elevators as well. I worried that I might be stuck inside the elevator since the elevator was taking to long for the doors to open.