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You don't have to wait for me to take a look at potential submissions. Simply go to this site, log in, enter the password (your campus name in all lower case letters), and submit as you please. Even though we're looking for quality over quantity, both quality and quantity would be great! Students will remember this event for years because it will be THEIR time to shine! Let them be the best advertising for your dedication and hard work.

  • Animation
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Digital Audio
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Video
  • Electronic Art
  • Multimedia
  • Website Design (Google Sites...hint hint :)
  • Misc.

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Do you want to be ahead of the pack when it comes to everything Google? You already have a Google account through the district... NOW JOIN A GOOGLE COMMUNITY! May I suggest Google Apps For Education (GAFE)? Click on the link and join to receive lots of cool and pertinent information on how to take advantage of this web based powerhouse.

SAMR Model - HOW are you integrating technology?

Using tablets as expensive worksheets can be frustrating. Worksheets don't take a few moments to power up nor do they need to be recharged every night.

But that's the point!

Technology shouldn't be an expensive Substitute for pedestrian resources... Technology should help Redefine what you do with the written word, for example (ie. You can't Tweet with a class in California on a worksheet).

The SAMR model is a great way to evaluate your own efforts in integrating technology. Watch this short, but informative (and possibly transforming) 2 minute video that will help you see how technology could used to kick your student's thinking up a notch.

The article below is for you "go getters" and is a little more in depth.

Just like America and 8-8 Cowboy seasons, technology is here to stay.

SAMR in 120 Seconds


By the way, I see that you've noticed my new friend: Your students can use this website to put together really cool online flyers/posters with embedded videos, images, and all the good stuff. is easy to use, doesn't mind that you can't remember any important date, have nacho stains on your shirt. It never needs to be fed, watered, or loved and will listen to all of your really interesting stories. is for everyone!

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