Silurian time peroid

a time in earth

major events of my time period

some major events that happened in my time period were that the contents drifted and formed eurmerica. it was the third period that happend in the Paleozoic Era masses were low and the sea was high. it occered about 443 to 416 million years ago.

what was the climate light?

the climate was hot and it melted glaciers and that cause the sea level to rise.compared to all the other time periods it was much hotter.

some of the amimals and plants


what would travelers like to see today

they would want to see how much it changed from the jurrasic period how the plants and animals changed.

What should travelers pack for comfort and safety?

they would want to pack stuff for living underwater cause its a marine life. and they would want to pack fresh water cause during the time there was mostly salt water.

What dangers might travelers face?

they would face much bigger dinosaurs trying to kill them and the climate change could be cold one second so you have to be ready for that.they would have to pack food.and when/if you go underwater you would have to be ready for the sea creatures.