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Students Discussing Learning Targets for Last Week

Math Problem Solving

The first two videos below are on students explaining and showing their thinking during problem solving. Our goal is to get students to see that there is more than one strategy to solve a problem as well as getting them to explain their thinking in writing and orally.


Students learned this week that having grit when you work on anything means that you don't give up when it gets hard. They have been practicing grit throughout all aspects of their work. Ask your student how they used grit to power through a tough assignment this week.

Upcoming Week: Reader's Workshop

This upcoming week we will continue with making comprehension strategies part of our daily reading lives. The lessons this week will focus on figurative language in text clues as well as raising the level of our questioning while reading.

Figurative language is a hard thing for students to understand. We will look at some different types of language, including similes and methaphors. Students will also start thinking through the level of the questions they ask when talking about books/stories. The bigger and deeper the questions, the more thought it takes to answer it. The really great questions often have more than one answer and can be debated.

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Upcoming Week: Writer's Workshop

We are on our way to completed personal narratives!! Student have taken all the mini lessons to heart and their stories are taking shape. If you ask them, they may say this has been tough work. I agree!! But, boy is it worth it! They have put a lot of hard work into making the best they can.

We will spend the week fine tuning and publishing the work. They should all be available during conferences for you to read! We will have a writing celebration on Friday. Students will share their stories with peers and get author pictures taken.

Upcoming Week: Math Workshop

We will continue to work through unit 2 - Adding and Subtracting whole numbers. Building up our problem solving strategies and having a better understanding of place value will be our main focus this week. Mrs. Carter and I have seen that there is a gap in the understanding of why regrouping takes place when subtracting. This is something that we will reteach next week and by using manipulative, hopefully the students will have a better understanding.

I am proud of how students have used GRIT to get through some of the challenging problem solving they have had. Sticking with it and trying different strategies has been awesome to see. I learned a few new strategies myself this week!

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Parent Teacher Conference Schedule

You should have received a parent conference form on Wednesday. I gave a time to everyone. Reminder, the dates of conferences are this Thursday 9/22 and Tuesday 9/27. If you are unable to attend this conference time, please let me know and we can reschedule. I am looking forward to meeting with everyone.

Students are welcome to come to conferences. If you prefer to meet without students, that is also fine.


Fall Party - Help Needed


Our Fall Party is on 10/7. Our room mom is Kristin Durm, and she will be setting everything up for the party. She will unfortunately be out of town to run everything. If you are able to assist, please either let Kristin or myself know. Thank you!!

Reaching Mrs. Fitz

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