Molly Cannon


What inspired you to be a dance teacher

Always grew up loving music , dancing around Kilgore college rangretts never knew no formal liked teaching

Have you ever thought about a different career ?if so what?

Loves cooking maybe a chef on a bakery

How many years of college did you need to go trough?

4 years bachelors degree in public schools none for dance studio

What does part of your job ?

Helping young people gain confidence and why

What is the worst part of your job?

Extra rehearsal

What do you hope to achieve by being a dance teacher

Passing on the Love to others

Do you have any heroes

Jesus ultimate hero Travis wall dance choreography studio

What were your childhood dreams

To grow up get married and have kids

Do you feel you have had an impact on the students

Yes give her hugs ,lil notes ,gave confidence

What was your magor in college ?


What was it like in college?

Studied a lot wanted straight A's chemistry minor

Are you happy so far whit what you've achieved by being a dance teacher?


How long have you teached?

28 years

Of the years that you've been in this career,which do you think was you most successful


What was it that got you interested in teaching dance

Dancing to soul train on Saturday

What college did you attend?

Kilgore jr college, SFA

What were you involved in high school?


Did you receive any awards in high school?


Did you have any other careers?

No theaching out of college

What high school did you graduate from?


Where were you born ?

Kaufman TX

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?


Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Mountains Oregon