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Wednesday 7th September 2022

Message from our Principal

Kia ora tatou, Mālō e lele, Ann yeong haseyo, Ni hao, Dzień dobry

The whole school was treated to a stunning Jump Jam set of performances at last week's assembly from our Yr 4, 5 and 6 school Jump Jam teams. The audience were wowed by the coordination, rhythm, skill, endurance, passion and pizzazz our students demonstrated. Over the weekend, alongside many of our Pinehill whanau, I had the privilege of being an audience spectator and supporting and cheering on our Pinehill Jump Jam Teams at the competition run at Torbay Primary School. I was a very proud principal, alongside very proud whanau and staff and commend all three teams for outstanding performances.

Congratulations to the Year 4 Pinehill Hula's team who placed 3rd overall with a merit in technical execution and presentation. They also received an excellence in sportsmanship award.

Congratulations to the Year 6 Pinehill Movers team who placed 2nd overall with a merit in technical execution and presentation.

Congratulations to the Alright Pinehill team who received an excellence in technical execution and excellence in sportsmanship award, as well as making it to the final, resulting in 2nd place overall.

The fact our teams were awarded the Sportsmanship awards, shows the Pinehill Way continues to be demonstrated from our students not just onsite at school but also offsite.

It was a HUGE day and I’m sure there was lots of celebrating in households. We will need to make room in our trophy cabinet!

A special mention to Lisa Everett, Ashleigh Maaka and Aimee Bradley who have made this happen and taken on this initiative for our students. This has involved lunchtime and school holiday practices and has provided a fantastic opportunity for our students. We appreciate you! Thank you for giving our students this amazing experience.

Three Way Conferences - Term 4

Traditionally we hold Three Way Conferences towards the end of term 3, however with our 25th Silver Jubilee events taking place at this time, we have scheduled Three Way Conferences for next term in week 1. These will take place on Wednesday 19th October, 3:15pm - 5:30pm and on Thursday 20th October, 1:30pm 7pm. Booking information, including how to book will be shared during the last week of the term.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

Success is not the work of one but the work of many

Ngā mihi nui,

Carla Veldman, Principal

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Part of empathy is showing kindness towards others. Kindness includes all those small helping acts that we can do for others everyday.

Today’s pictures come from Room 5 who have been reflecting on the many ways they help people in their lives. Thanks to Cameron, Emily and Olivia for sharing.

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Remember, kindness is a win-win situation: the recipient of our kindness feels valued, and when you show kindness towards others, the hormone oxytocin is released in our bodies making us feel happy and positive. Give kindness a go - it’s a real mood lifter!

25th Silver Jubilee Birthday Celebrations at Pinehill School - See website for details

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When caregivers next transact with their myKindo account they will be diverted to a page on myKindo to accept the new terms and can read further information about it on that page.

Content for your Caregivers

Kindo, myKindo and ezlunch were recently classified as a Financial Service Provider. This means that there are additional responsibilities we must undertake, including compliance with the strict regulations imposed under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act (AML).

We are now implementing the required changes. Account holders will be diverted to a page on myKindo to accept the new terms and can read further information about it on that page. Further changes in line with those new Terms are being implemented, starting today and over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your understanding as we take on these new responsibilities. If you need any assistance, please get in touch with


Room 1 - Marie Esterhuizen

Room 2 - Iris Wang

Room 3 - Anna Zhu

Room 4 - Clare Zhang

Room 5 - Gavin Guo

Room 6 - Sean Lee

Room 7 - Juana Im

Room 8 - Victoria Wang

Room 9 - Joy Lin

Room 10 - Isaac Boyle

Room 11 - Nathan Jin

Room 12 - Juseong Im

Room 13 - Victoria Meshkova

Room 14 - Sophie Zhang

Room 15 - Arthur Zhai

Room 16 - Joon Hwang

Room 17 - Ping Ping Gao

Room 18 - Tara Nelson

Room 19 - Mia Wang

Room 20 - Jason Wang

Winning House - Rakino

Spring Netball Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest now open for Spring netball - Please click on the link below

Spring Netball - Expressions of Interest

NETBALL - Players of the day

Year 4/5 Kiwis

Darine Ahmed

Year 5 Pinehill Dragons

Savannah van Bijon

Emily Ke

Year 6 Pinehill Ponies

Alexis Leef

Sara Jeon

Basket Ball - Players of the day

Basketball Juniors -

Maia Skudder

Year 3/4 Pinehill Pirates -

Tristan Wang

Year 3/4 Pinehill Wizards -

Chloe Kim

Year 5/6 Pinehill Heat -

Nixon Robinson Lea'aetoa

Year 5/6 Pinehill Pistons -

Jason Tse

Splash Polo - Players of the day

Luke Yu

Friends of Pinehill School

Jesters Pie Day is EVERY TUESDAY!! Orders close a day prior (Monday) at 11 am.

Fun Food Friday – This Friday, 9 September

It’s Fun Food Friday this week! Online orders close tonight, Wednesday 7 September. Don’t miss out! Please place your orders using the Kindo Online Shop. Lunch will be delivered to your child’s classroom at lunchtime. For every order, we raise $1 for the school.

We will be selling snacks in the hall foyer at lunchtime between 12.40 pm and 1 pm. From the health point of view, we suggest 1-2 snacks and a $5 note is enough for your child.

It's Pinehill School's 25th BIRTHDAY!!!

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we have an AWESOME range of Merch for EVERYONE! Grab a reusable coffee cup on the go or a cute little teddy for yourself or as a gift. (All sample items are available to view at the school office)

Online orders are open.

● Order through Kindo online shop

● The last day for online orders is Wednesday 14 September

● Orders will be distributed to your child's class on Friday 16 September

New item added. Limited Stocks!!

Merch sales are also available at Art Exhibition Tuesday, 20 September, the Top Playground Opening (Thursday, 22 September) and the 25th Anniversary Assembly (Friday, 23 September). CASH ONLY

Pricing of items:

● 25th Anniversary Teddy - Special Edition $15 ea

● 25th Silver Jubilee Pen $5 ea

● Reusable Glass Cup (350ml) $18 ea

● Mug $15 ea

● Pocket Notebook (Assorted colours) $8

● Yoyo (Assorted colours) $8

Pre-orders (orders received before 10 August) will be delivered to your child’s class this Friday 9 September. If you have any queries, please email Thank you for your support!

Yummy Stickers

Eat YUMMY apples and collect the stickers for new sports gear for our school! Promotion runs through to the end of term 3. Please drop off all your collection sheets in the box outside the health room. Thank you for your support!

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Pinehill School Policies

All School policies are available through School Docs – click here

Logon – Pinehill

password – pinehillway

Kāhui Ako Cyber Safety Evening that will be held at Rangitoto College Auditorium on 29th September (7pm-9pm). Tickets are $10. Available from

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