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September 6, 2021

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A Note from Mrs. Johansen

Dear Sandburg Families,

I hope you all have enjoyed the Labor Day weekend! I look forward to another week at Sandburg! It's awesome to be able to settle into routines, dive into the content, and watch the Wildcat community continue to grow.

We are so excited to cheer on the Sandburg Athletic teams! While we have wrapped a successful, talent filled tryout for boys soccer and girls basektball, cross country is available for all and starts September 7th. Just make sure you have your child's physical up to date in our health office and come ready to run.

In the next month, we look forward to introducing clubs back into the school community. We will advertise the clubs on our morning announcements and through an upcoming newsletter.

As a friendly reminder, classes start promptly at 7:50 and that means all students should be in the building before 7:45 so that they can be on time and ready for 1st period. A student is considered tardy to school if they enter the building after 7:50. During the first few weeks of the school year, staff verbally inform students of tardies as morning schedules and school routines are being learned. Now that students are more comfortable with the building and the school routine, we need to make sure they arrive promptly to each class so that learning can begin promptly as the class period begins.

Next week, tardies to school and in between classes will be tracked. You can monitor your child's timeliness by looking at the attendance portion of Infinite Campus. We will reach out to parents if your child is struggling in this area. In the next month, consequences will be assigned for students who continue to earn tardies before school or between classes. Please support your child by having a conversation with them about the importance of getting to school on time and arriving at class on time.

This Thursday is Parent Orientation. As you've heard, our Parent Orientation will be through videos shared by each teacher. This Thursday, September 9th, I'll share a document with parents via email. On this document, you'll find the videos from each of your child's teachers.

If you have questions about your child's tardies, sports, or anything else please reach out. We're happy to help clarify.

We look forward to seeing your child at school tomorrow morning!

Erika Johansen

Sandburg Principal

Self-Certification Lanyards

We are so excited to welcome students tomorrow. We wanted to send a reminder regarding our self-certification process. Just as we did last year, students will be given a lanyard with a self-certification card including symptoms as well as a signature card for you, the parent/guardian, to sign each morning verifying that your child is symptom and fever-free.

As a reminder, staying home when sick or symptomatic is one of our Safe 6 mitigations as we kick off the new school year. Everyone should stay home when they have signs of COVID-19. All students must self-certify that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms (listed below) and a fever each day before entering our buildings and school buses.

Symptoms Include:

  • Fever (100.4°F or higher);

  • New onset of moderate to severe headache;

  • Shortness of breath;

  • New cough;

  • Sore throat;

  • Vomiting or diarrhea;

  • New loss of sense of taste or smell;

  • Fatigue from unknown cause; and/or

  • Muscle or body aches from unknown causes.

Staying home when sick helps us reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses in our schools and allows individuals to recover more quickly.

If you have questions, please reference the Return to Learn, Reconnect, and Re-Engage Plan.

The lanyards were passed out on the first day of school. It's very important that students come in each day with the lanyard on and show the parent signature to the staff member at the front door.

Shield Testing

During the week of Septermber 13th, we will begin our weekly SHIELD testing of the students whose family has opted in to doing this test. Students will come down to the office and stand at designated spots marked on the floor in order to keep everyone socially distanced while they remove their mask and put saliva in the test tube.

For other information on what to expect, you can also watch this video.

Please review the district website for further questions.

Breakfast/Lunch Information

For the 21-22 school year, D15 students are able to eat lunch for free.


If students would like to each breakfast at school, they come in the building when they get to school and go directly to the cafeteria. We will have supervisors there to make sure students are sitting in their assigned seats and appropriately distancing while they are eating.


Students will be placed in various locations around the building for lunch this year as we need to distance them while they are eating. We will announce those locations tomorrow morning. Students will be grouped by last name and will not be able to change their location once it's assigned tomorrow. We do plan to rotate through the locations each quarter.

Lockdown Notification Procedures

District 15 is strongly committed to school safety. Each year, school are required by by Illinois School Code to conduct the following drills:

  • Three evacuation drills. One of the three evacuation drills must be supervised by the fire department.

  • One bus evacuation drill.

  • One severe weather/shelter-in-place drill.

  • Two law enforcement (lockdown) drills. One of these two law enforcement drills must be a staff initiated lock-down. The schools also conduct an annual drill review meeting with principals and representatives from police and fire departments to continuously improve each school’s readiness to respond to an emergency and/or crisis situation.

House Bill 2400 (The School Safety Drill Act) states:

  • All lockdown drills will be announced to all school personnel and students prior to the commencement of the drill.

  • Schools will provide sufficient information and notification to parents and guardians in advance of any lockdown drill that involves the participation of students.

  • Schools will provide parents and guardians an opportunity to exempt their child for any reason from participating in the walk-through lockdown drill.

  • Schools will provide alternative safety education and instruction related to an active threat or active shooter event to students who do not participate in a walk-through lockdown drill to provide them with essential information, training, and instruction through less sensorial safety training methods.

Building administrators will notify families of upcoming drills at least one week in advance of the drill. If you prefer your child does NOT participate in the yearly required lockdown drills, please complete this form. Please submit one form for each of your children you are opting out.

Thank you!

Parent Handbook 2021-2022

The 2021-22 Parent/Student Handbook is now available online! You can view it here.

  • The annual handbook is a summary of Board of Education policies governing District 15. The complete School District 15 Board of Education Policy Manual is available for public review at the District office and on the District 15 BoardDocs website. State and federal laws require school districts to notify parents and students about certain rights, responsibilities, and procedures; you will find that information in this handbook. This handbook may be amended during the year.

  • The handbook offers information pertinent to the District as a whole. Some programs and procedures may differ from school to school, based on the size and location of the building, the grades served, the facilities available, and the programs conducted at the school. Your school administrators will inform you of these additional procedures. The handbook is intended to be a handy resource, but is not meant to take the place of personal communication between home and school. Please feel free to call your child’s school if you have any questions on programs or procedures, or consult your school’s website.

From the Sandburg PTSA

Hey Wildcats Parents!

It's time to get some Wildcat Spirit Wear! The store closes on September 19th. Get your gear today!

Please consider becoming a member of the Sandburg PTSA! You can sign up at the link below.

Our next PTSA meeting is Tuesday, September 14th at 6:00. We will meet via Google Meets. Please email Mrs. Johansen to get the Google Meeting link.

Upcoming events

September 6th- No School- Labor Day

September 9th- Parent Orientation Teacher presentations will be emailed at 5:30

September 14th- PTSA Meeting 6:00 (virtual- email Mrs. Johansen for the meeting link)

October 4th- Fall Picture Day

October 8th- End of 1st Quarter

October 11th- No School

October 12th- No School- Teacher Plan Day

October 12th- PTSA Meeting 6:00 (virtual- email Mrs. Johansen for the meeting link)

October 16th- D211 Placement Testing (information will be coming from Fremd shortly)

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