Non-Traditional Careers

By: Elexas Lamb and Korie Edelen

Occupations Clusters

Human Services: Child, Family, and School Social Worker-Men

Hopsitality and Tourism: Dishwashers-Women

Health Science: Dentist-Women

Education an Training: Preschool Teacher-Men

Finance: Teller-Men

Buissness, Management,and Administration: Couriers and Messengers-Women

Architecture and Construction: Carpender-Women

Manufacturing: Bicycle Repairs-Women

Information Technology: Computer Programmers-Women

Marketing, Sales, and Service: Barbers-Women

Two Successful People

Advantages and disadvantages



You can be really good at it.

An increased salary is a common reason for individuals to consider a nontraditional career.

Nontraditional careers tend to have well stabilized paths for advancement, and are often unionized.


Research shows that mentors can play a highly pivotal role in the successful pursuit of a nontraditional career.

It may be difficult for your family and/or friends to understand why you have chosen a nontraditional career.

Actions of this kind are unacceptable and affect everyone within a given environment.