Controlling the Thrown

Protect your Land


On January 17, 1893 President Harrison, President Clevland, and Minister John Steven's role wouldn't be possible to overthrown the Hawaiian Monarch.

Historical Significance

Back in the late 1880's Hawaii was over thrown due to an annexation that was made by the Americans. These American planned to over thrown Hawaii's monarchy to have Hawaii to be part of the United State. It was John L. Steven to over thrown Hawaii's monarchy, and it was also President Harrison Benjamin to make Hawaii's annexation, but it was a good thing that President Grover Cleveland to restore Hawaii's monarchy, but the Congress declined his request. Hawaii didn't wanted to be part of United State.

Is Hawai'i legally or lawfully a state of the Union

People of Hawaii didn’t want to be part of any states. Yes they allowed American’s to help all the King Kamehameha I, King Kamehameha II, King Kamehameha III, King Lunalilo, King Kalakaua, and Queen Liliokalani to rule their monarchy, but due to John Steven’s role it was an act of war.

Act of War - The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation (TRAILER)

Hawaii Today

As of Hawaii, the Hawaiian do not call themselves as American. They are protesting and fighting that the island is not an U,S Territory even if it is.