Jack Andraka

Grand prize winner of the Intel international science

Jack Young Successor

At 14 the Jack investigated cancer after it had killed a family/friend. he found that the disease spreads rapidly and it is hard to detect at the beginning if it's development. It is estimated to be the 13th most common cancer in the world.

When and where

jack was born in the year 1997 January 8 and the city of Crownsville, MD

Some of the big moments

Parents and Other great thing

The parents of jack are Steve and Jane andrake

Jacks interests are finding a cure for cancer after his aunt die of it

"In an interview with the BBC, Andraka said the idea for his pancreatic cancer test came to him while he was in biology class at North County High School, drawing on the class lesson about antibodies and the article on analytically methods using carbon nano tubes he was surreptitiously reading in class at the time."

jacks work is to complete the test on the deadly cancer

jacks main goal is the find the cure

a definition of a hero is a person who never gives up

jacks is a hero in the peoples eye for giving them hope