Money Stolen From Caecilius

By Hannah Pelham

When, Where and Who...

This weekend on the 3rd of March Caecilius had his ring and £5,000 stolen.

Hermogenes has appeared in court with Caecilius and they had Sir Lebanonanous Devinerid Makerol as their judge isn't Sir Lebanonanous Devinerid Makerol a hard judge to win over. I hear that both of the sides had a good chance of pleasing - lets just say Sir Makerol - Read on to find out the inner details and who got victory and who got found guilty.

Sneaky Hermogenes !!!

At one point in the trial Hermogenes tried to get free by saying that he did not have the ring at all and that he had not stole anything ever before.

As sharp as a hawk on a little (squeaky soft hazelnut) mouse Caecilius shouted across the court room "LOOK" and pointed at Hermogenes hand slipping behind his back and trying to hide the STOLEN ring. as the judge's helper of evidence briskly walks up to Hermogenes and said "Show me your hands" and as Hermogenes hesitated he put his hands out in front of the helper, and there in his small hands their was a golden ring in his palm.

Extra infomation...

The ring is used exactly like what we use today as a signature but as today we have tablets, computers and TVs they had a high range of tablets too but, their tablets were full of melted wax so when the forms and slips needed to be signed all the person would have to do is seal it with their ring.