Angelina Angles at Helping others

Angelina fights for the safety of everyone

Angelina Thinks Everyone Deserves Safety

Angelina Jolie is an actress with lots of talent. She played in lots of big movies like By the Sea and Malefecent. She decided to put down her career a bit and decided to help the UN. She was shortly told to visit the country of Cambodia and find issues in that country. She boarded the plane and wondered what it would be like. "I was nervous what to expect all I knew is that this country is struggling to survive."

When she arrived at Cambodia she was greeted by warm, happy faces saying happy your here. The village members should her the ways to cook and wash in the village and showed her the way to be safe if the village was ever attacked. "I was scared that I always have to have some kind of body guard on me."After a long month it was time for her to go home she said she has a lot of issues to talk to the UN about.

When she returned she attended a official meeting with the government and the UN. She told everyone how troubled that village was and how far they had to go just to be safe, "As I talked I saw everyone's face nodding like they had all experienced this issue before." Angeline stated. After that she was determined to make a change to this issue. she also noticed how we deal with the issues of if we look good or how other think of us, but these kids just think about surviving.

Later in her career she started a foundation and started 5K runs to support the fundraiser and the foundation. She made this foundation to give refugees who come to america money to find a house and job. Even though she didn't win a Nobel Prize she still won the hearts of all those people.

Angelina Jolie Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize

Angelina Jolie is a great activist and deserves to win a Nobel Prize. One reason why she should win is because she actually went to a country and experienced it unlike some lazy activist that just research and don't actually go and suffer like she did. For example, lots of animal activist didn't even vist the country of Sudan which is the country he was helping he actually never even go to the place to find major issuse.

Another reason why this activist should get a Nobel Prize is that she made fundraisers and 5K runs. Lots of activists didn't even start charities or didn't even donate to them to help the cause. This made lots of activists look very selfish about their cause or didn't really care that much, but Angelina actually visited countries and donated to the cause. In conclusion, these are some reasons why Angelina Jolie is so different from other activists and deserves to win a Nobel Prize.

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