Autism and Behavioral Strategies

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The site below provides links and printable to many research-based positive behavior supports/ strategies.

15 Behavioral Strategies for the Home

Autism Circuit

The Autism Circuit tools sections offers an array of research based strategies to use when working with a student with Autism.

Visual Schedules For Home

Visual schedules are an intervention that can help individuals with autism follow a routine, transition between activities, develop new skills, and reduce dependence on caretakers when completing daily activities. A visual schedule is a sequence of photographs, videos, line drawings, symbols, text, or other visual format that is used to show its user what he or she is expected to do. The series of visually presented tasks are arranged in the schedule in the order they are to be completed.

Printable Visual Schedule

First and Then

A First and Then Board is a small visual schedule. It displays a less-preferred activity: the "first" is followed by the preferred activity, the "then". This intervention is designed to increase motivation to complete a less desired task, with reinforcement.
First-Then Boards for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Social Stories

Social stories are individualized short stories that depict a social situation that your child may encounter. These social stories are used to teach skills through the use of precise and sequential information about everyday events that your child may find difficult or confusing, thus preventing further anxiety on the part of your child.

Additional Supports For Home

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