Equality for Africans

By: Megan Badu & Joanna Tsimbidis Pd. 7

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What happened in the modern world with African's?

In Equality for Africans have media influences such as #blacklivesmatter. In society we now have police burtality for example when there was a situation that happened with Travon Martin and Sandra Bland. In University of Mission they wanted to murder blacks than whites. The political influences in our world now is Barack Obama who is the first black president. He helped us a lot through out a period of time and his wife Michelle Obama.
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What happened in the industrial revolution with African's ?

The date that happened during that time was 1807-1833, also the leader was William WIlberforce . Equality for Africans in Great Britain had an impact socially, economic and political. Social: Enslaved people reisisted trade since it's began. Protests forced the gov. to abolish the system. Economice: Britain no longer need slave based goods, machines replaced them , The government saw how dangerous and costly it was to keep slavery in the west indies. Polotical: slavery Abolition Act of 1833 .

Equality of Africans in the world impacted socially economicaly & politicaly. lower class (peasants) slavery. A lot of people don't like being in slavery (Protesting)