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Below you will find information pertaining to Special Education, 504's, English Language Learners, Dyslexia, Title I and High Ability Programs. The links on the Student Services page is filled with an abundance of resources for your review. I hope that you find these resources helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's Teacher of Record, Principal or the Director of Student Services.

Mrs. Erin Proskey

Director of Student Services and Assessments

Special Education & ELL Director and 504 Coordinator

(574) 842-3364 Extension 802

CCSC Special Education Team Members...

Culver Elementary Special Education Teachers

Culver Middle High Special Education Teachers

Special Education Related Services

School Psychologist


Special Education Classroom Assistants

  • Mr. Brace
  • Mrs. Singleton
  • Mrs. Lewis
  • Mrs. Frazier
  • Mrs. Krsek
  • Mrs. King
  • Mr. Owens
  • Ms. Robinson
  • Mrs.Otteman
  • Mrs. Stacy

CCSC Title I Team Members...

Erika James (Title I Director )

Teri Zechiel

Chris Renneker

Title I Classroom Assistants

  • Mrs. Surguy
  • Mrs. Hyndman
  • Mrs. Russell

CCSC Dyslexia Team Members...

CCSC High Ability Team Members...

CCSC ELL Team Members...

504 Team Members...

Erin Proskey

School Counselor

Classroom Teacher