First Aid Tips


CALL 911

Before you do anything, make sure to contact the emergency service if the event is serious.

Check your surroundings!

Make sure it is safe for you before you continue with aid.

Unconsciousness implies consent

Always make sure to check if the victim is responsive. This can be important in deciding what care you can provide, and can save you a lot of future legal trouble. Make sure to check for breathing if the are unresponsive.


If they are unresponsive and not breathing, then start CPR right away. Give 30 chest compression, at around 100 beats per minute (hum the tune of "Another One Bites the Dust"). Next, open the air way and provide 2 breaths, making sure you can see the chest rise and fall with each breath.

Other First Aid actions once the victim is breathing and has a pulse

  • External Bleeding- apply pressure to the wound
  • Burns- cool the burn area
  • Poison- Call 911
  • Head, Neck, or Spinal injury- Stabilize and immobilize.