August Moon Festival

What is the August Moon Festival?

The August Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, is celebrated by Chinese and the Vietnamese people. It is the celebration of the official harvest festival. It is celebrated on the 9th day and eighth lunar month, during a full moon. People gather together with family and friends to admire the moon and eat moon cakes.

Public Celebration

The August Moon Festival is celebrated in all the China towns of the world. Here in Massachusetts, it's held in China town and in Quincy. During Mid August, the streets fill with advertising booths of sign up sheets and small souvenirs for the tourist to buy. There is also a stage with traditional Chinese dancing and several rounds of the Dragon (Lion) Dance.

Close Family/At Home Celebration

Many Chinese or Vietnamese families would have a family gathering where a feast would be prepared. There would also be many moon cakes for everyone to eat.


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