This is me

Sarah Ely


I don't have very many hobbies, there's just not that many things i like to do. My very few hobbies are drawing, listening to music, singing, going to Road America to work on race cars in the summer, and hanging out with friends.
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My school strengths and values

I'm not good at basically anything and I don't have very many values. My school strengths are art and music. I can't live with out music! My values are helping others and being creative.
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Ways I am smart

Most people have three ways that they're smart but i'm only smart two ways. The ways i am smart are music smart and word smart.

Learning styles

My learning style is by hearing.

My personal Globe Inventory

My holland code is artistic, enterprising, and social. Three career clusters for me are arts, business, and marketing. My dream job is to be a singer. The classes that can help me are band, orchestra-string, and wind ensemble.