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Prairie Point Staff Newsletter

Volume 2, Issue #5: Monday, October 19, 2015

A Celebration!

Those Who Excel Merit Award Winner - 2015

It was such an honor to accompany Janice to her award ceremony on Saturday. We had a lot of laughs and a wonderful chat on the drive down and back to Bloomington, and I was reminded once again how special this wonderful person is! Janice, we're so proud of YOU for being the amazing person that you are, and for everything you mean to the kids and to us.


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You're Rocking It!!!

Whew! It's the end of 1st quarter. How on earth did that happen? It has felt interminably long and ridiculously fast all at the same time!

Each of you are doing an amazingly awesome job. I am hugely impressed with the way our professional learning community has grown and evolved over the past 2 years. We adopted our new mission statement last year, and it's reflective of who we are and what we do. Now's a good time to review our mission and celebrate all we've done for kids, for each other, and for our school.

Prairie Point students, teachers, and parents are a community of learners where:

Student learning is our highest priority.

The intellectual, social, and emotional development of all learners is supported.

Ongoing collaboration is focused on student growth and achievement.


SIP Day Follow-Up

I hope you found value in the data conversation from our SIP day on Friday. Maureen, Jen, and Heidi are all available to attend your PLC meeting on Wednesdays to support further data conversations. We'd love to join you!

ReadyGen Spotlight


There's a lot of amazing work going on in classrooms related to ELA curriculum implementation with the ReadyGen resource. Each newsletter, I'd like to share with everyone the great things that are happening as a way for you to see the progression that our ELA standards take over the 6 years they are in elementary school.

I wanted to share the preparation work Kindergarten has done for their PBA. I've included for you the PBA Task and the Module goals, so you can review.

Please take a moment to think:

How do Module 1A goals for kindergarten reflect the goals and objectives at your grade level in Module 1A? How is what I see a stepping stone to what my students will know and do?

The kindergarteners did GREAT work preparing for this first assessment. They are utilizing strong vocabulary and really talking and thinking about what they are learning.

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TEAM is up and running for the year. RTI is now called MTSS - Multi-tiered Systems of Support. I am co-chairing a district-wide committee to look at building processes and procedures for student referral to TEAM. This was a nice compliment to Prairie Point, because we're building a district-wide process based on what is currently in place here. That's because of you. :-)

We are going to be piloting a new paperwork system called Success Plan, so if you bring a student to TEAM, we'll demonstrate that process for you. It's done through eschool.

In the meantime, if you need to bring a student up to TEAM, please complete the same paperwork we've had in the past. You can find that at our building TEAM website. Link is below. If you're unsure about how to bring a student up for support, or have other questions about the problem-solving process, please don't hesitate to visit a member of TEAM.

Wednesday Morning Meetings

Wednesday Morning Meeting Schedule

The file below contains all of the Building, PLC, and SIP day meetings for the year. It will be updated regularly as the plans or schedule changes.


This week is a PLC Meeting. Please be ready to meet from 7:30 - 8:30 a.m.

Please know that any specialist, Jen, or I can join your meetings to discuss important topics or answer questions. If you'd like one of us to come to your meetings, don't hesitate to ask. I love to see all the great work that your teams are doing. Go Prairie Point!!!

  • Please remember to share your agenda and notes with me and others who need the information.
  • Before the meeting ends, decide what you will discuss and address at your next collaborative meeting which will take place next week.
  • Enjoy this time with one another.

PLC Agenda Options

The link below contains files for 3 different templates for PLC agendas/notes. Please utilize them for your team meetings and share them with Heidi/Jen and any specialists that you have working with your team.

The video below shows you how to save the agenda templates to your own Google Drive.

SD 308 PLC Agenda Video

News & Info

ReadyGen Rev Up

Thank you, Maureen, for the ReadyGen Rev Up from this morning! For those of you who weren't able to attend, Maureen has put together a video going through all information that was shared, as well as an informational handout addressing questions that came up. I have included both here.
Unit and Module Overview Session 15 16