Earth and Uranus

By: Chance and David


All planets are different, in size, in shape, also in temperature. Earth and Uranus are very different.

Earth: The Final Frontier

Planet Earth is a dense, rocky ball about 7,920 miles (12,750 km) across. It is one of nine planets circling our local star, the Sun. Earth is the only planet we know of that can support life. From space, its surface looks blue and cool, but inside it is so hot that rock can melt.

Uranus: The Ice Giant

Spinning at 98 degrees, Uranus is likely spinning on it's side. Uranus is one of the three most biggest planets in our solar system. It's known as the Ice Giant. It is made up of ice. It has 11 rings around it.


Uranus is the fourth largest planet in the solar system, much larger than Earth, and mostly made of frozen gas. The table below is a comparison of the characteristics of Uranus and Earth.