Regarding the Fountain 4


Tad - 5

Minnie O. - 1

Gil - 2

Lily and Paddy - 3

Shelly - 4

1 - BirdBrain Science: "Heat That Shakes"

Read the article, Heat That Shakes, and complete the quiz after reading through it.

2 - Regarding the Fountain 4 Questions

Begin to work on the the Regarding the Fountain 4 Questions. You may work on them with a person that is in your group as a partner.

3 - iReady Reading

Log onto iReady Reading and begin to work through the lessons. Try to complete one lesson during these station rotations. These lessons will definitely help prepare you for the ELA EOG at the beginning of June!

4 - Regarding the Fountain Question with ME

What patterns of misunderstanding have you noticed in the book so far?

How do you feel about Ms. Mander giving Mr. Russ a free pool pass and offering to buy the children ice cream instead of a drinking fountain (p. 55)? Based on his response on p. 57, how does Mr. Russ feel about it?

5 - Study Island - Inferencing Practice

Log on to Study Island and work on the Inferencing Practice. This is what you worked on in Eagle Time last week with your groups. This should be a review. Remember, you must get it to 70% to get a ribbon.

Early Finishers --

Make sure your BirdBrain Science article and Study Island - Inferencing Practice are finished. Then, you may just work on iReady Reading when you finish.