By Jaime

What does a Geneticist do?

A Geneticist is a person who studies living things. And learns of it characteristics and what they do. They study a variety of living organisms. They mostly gens and what they do to produce cells.

How much do they earn?

A Geneticist earns a lot of money. Depending on what degree they earn and what they do. their pay can go up to $200,000 to $300,000 in a yearly salary. Or up to $60,000 dollars a month.
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Requirements to become one

The requirements to become on are pretty obvious. Go to college and study for these types of degrees or programs.

1: a Bachelors degree up to 4 years

2: a Graduates degree up to 5-7 years

3: a Doctorates degree up to 8 years

The better the degree the better the job you get in the future.

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