November Already?!

What is happening in room 312 this month?

Taking an artistic approach to Science

Students are continuing their unit on living things. We are focusing on ecosystems this month. To start our marking period off, students created word graffiti to define vocabulary words. They worked hard and enjoyed sharing their final pieces with the class!

November book orders

November is a book order month! I have had a couple of parents send their students book orders back already. If you would like to order books please send your student orders and money back by Wednesday 11/25

Social Studies

This month in social studies we will be exploring how Pennsylvania was founded. Students will begin a project at the end of the month to show what they have learned.

Technology at Home

Students can now access Moby Max ( and Khan Academy ( from home. Students have the passwords for their accounts. If you need your students log in information, please email me. If you have internet at home that students can use, enjoy these programs with your students!

Moby Max provides practice for all subjects. I like that I am able to track student progress and see what they are struggling with. This website shows me how long students are logged in and practicing.

Khan Academy is AWESOME for math. If your student is struggling to grasp a concept, there are videos that reteach lessons on this site. This site also practices fact mastery.

Need to get in touch?

We will begin utilizing a classroom twitter to update on what we are doing in class. This is experimental, but hopefully it will be a great tool to have! A picture of the homework board should now be upload daily as well!