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Week Ending January 23, 2015

This week in...

Reading: We reviewed Jump!, vocabulary terms, and worked on the target skill: fact and opinion; and the strategy: questioning. We discussed how we can identify what an author thought about a topic when we find facts and opinions. We spent time identifying fact and opinions in our anthology text, guided reading texts, and during independent time. At home, a great way to support your child's understanding of this concept, is by having your child identify facts and opinions from their personal readings. Then, they can explain why the phrases are a fact or opinion!

Math: this week we wrapped up working with decimals. We demonstrated our understanding of decimals by using a meter to represent one. We used millimeters and centimeters to create decimals and fractions based on a meter. We practiced reading and writing decimals and fractions using a flat as one, a long as one tenth, and a small cube as a hundredth. In addition, we learned about the thousandths place and used Olympic running times to examine the thousandths place. The next Unit Math Assessment will likely be on Thursday, January 29th. Check your child's planner for more details on Monday.

Writing: this week we organized our writing and began publishing using Haiku Deck. We created a cover page, typed the table of contents, and began the introductions. It's amazing how professional these presentations look!

Social Studies: students began completing the inside of the foldable with all of the research he/she found. We're so excited to add spanish to them. These foldables will be done by next week!

Science: this week we experimented with an unknown substance by adding water and observing the results. We learned new vocabulary such as chemical/physical properties, solubility, and mixture. This week we will begin working with all 5 substances!

PARCC: this week we began preparing for the PARCC exam. We did this by learning the functions of different tools students will be able to access on the computer while taking this exam. It's amazing how excited we are to use, identify the functions of, and manipulate the tools!

Check This Out!

1. Moby Max

2. Typing Agent: **This is a GREAT tool to help your child with his/her typing skills!

3. Multiplication


THANK YOU to all of the chaperones who came to the Arden Theatre. It was a fantastic trip and the set was AMAZING!


  • If students forget their Journeys Textbook, it can be accessed through think central.com. Students have logins and passwords in the front of their Agendas. EDM Home Links can be accessed through everydaymathonline.com. The login information is also in the front of your child's Agenda book. My eBoard has additional information on logging in under the Language Arts and Math tabs.


  • We will have our spelling assessment on Friday, January 30th.


  • It is important that students are studying their multiplication facts each night. It not only helps build good study habits, but also builds stamina and quick recall! While it is great students are using strategies such as repeated addition and drawing pictures, these facts must be known by heart. Students can check out my eBoard for additional practice with this skill.


  • Please continue to assist your child in packing up all homework in order to ensure it comes back to school. A great strategy is to have your child check off each assignment after it is completed and placed back in his/her Take Home Folder.

Important Dates for 3L

Happy Birthday to:

  • Zach, Henry, Will, Tess M., Ava P, Sebastien, and Matty
  • Please check our eBoard and contact me if your child would like to celebrate his/her birthday in school.

Poet of the Week:
  • Sebastien: Friday, January 30th
  • Poems must be submitted for teacher approval before a student presents!!

Star of the Week:

  • Henry: Monday, January 26th
  • Matthew Dolce: Monday, February 2nd

Guest Reader:

  • Kristin Fenerty: Tuesday, January 27th @ 8:40
  • Schedule is attached to my eBoard under Guest Read Aloud

*Click the link below to my eBoard for additional details!


Central Events

January 30, 2015 Spaghetti/Bingo Night @ 6:30 pm

February 4, 2015 PAC Meeting 3:10 pm Art Room 191

February 6, 2015 CS Spirit Day

February 9-13, 2015 CS Book Fair

February 13, 2015 ½ day for students

February 13, 2015 Valentine’s Day Parties 11:30 am

Specials This Week:

Monday is a Day 2

  • Gym and Library

Tuesday is a Day 3:

  • Art

Wednesday is a Day 4:

  • Spanish

Thursday is a Day 5:

  • Health

Friday is a Day 6:

  • Gym

A Word from Third

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