Life and Family Services Fall 2018

“Promote life, strengthen families, and offer hope through God’s love” . . .

. . . That is the mission statement of Life and Family Services, an organization I have had an opportunity of serving with for the past nine years and previously the director of the Teen Parent Early Learning Center, and now as the Executive Director. To be able to serve in this position I have had great leadership examples to follow in Carol Blackman, Donna Conrad, and Deanna Rodenbeck.

It is a privilege to serve those who enter our doors seeking help. Many do not have the support of families and friends, and if they do, may not be helping them in making good choices. For them to come to us seeking help in not only parenting, but life in general, is a big step for many. We want to be the “hands and feet of Jesus” and offer them the hope that only God can give them.

Six years ago I was blessed with a grandchild through adoption. A mother, days before she was to give birth, was in a tough environment and trying to get out of it. Because she wanted to make sure her daughter would grow up in a safe and loving home, she made the decision to place the baby up for adoption. This mother sought help and through that process received peace through her selection of who she wanted her child’s parents to be. Through that experience -- seeing a mother reach out for help, wanting what is best for her child -- inspires me to serve other women, teenage parents, and families who are seeking help with difficult decisions and life struggles. We are strengthening families.

Life and Family Services is an organization that has been serving Noble County for 32 years. We make great apple dumplings for the Apple Festival, but more importantly we are “planting seeds” of God’s love in those who come to us. The organization is growing not only in the number of clients participating in our programs, but in the possibilities of how we can serve the county to meet the changing needs.

So, pray for us to know and understand the path God wants us to take to continue to glorify and honor Him through this ministry.

Serving Him always,

Debbie Derby, Executive Director


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Current Needs

Life and Family Services currently has an urgent need for size 5 and 6 diapers! We also need baby wipes, and warm winter clothing for children (especially coats size 18 months - 5, gloves and hats, and shoes and BOOTS toddler and children sizes)
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Celebrate the Holidays this Year by Donating to LFS on #GivingTuesday!

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Mission Moment

"Life and Family Services has helped me, and my son so much more than they realize. They have helped me learn new skills and ideas for being a single mother, not only by watching videos but just talking to me.

I have been shown compassion and care by the workers. The considerable effort put into listening to any problems in my life is such a tremendous help. Just to know every week I will get to sit down with a woman who is willing to listen and understand and not judge me for my parenting, yet help me learn more or understand other ways about things, is such a gift.

Whether it be with feeding habits, sleeping habits or just my own life affecting my baby’s life. Something else so helpful is knowing that if I have a problem affording something for my son, I can put effort into learning something new about parenting and be able to get that something for my son.

The support you receive through Life and Family Services is something I truly appreciate and value.

Thank you, Life and Family Services!"

-- Anonymous Client

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