Peter the Great

The Emperor of Russia

His Accomplishments

  • Peter constantly worked at building the military power within Russia. He was able to make the biggest standing army in Europe, he created a world-class navy, as well as extending Russia's borders.
  • Then, in 1700, Peter was able to dominate the Baltic Region and defeat the Swedish, just by starting a war. Although Sweden's army was extremely strong and tough, they pushed through and won the battle.
  • Also, Peter left a legacy with many accomplishments. Everyone would always remember how he expanded the borders of Russia, won territory along the Baltic Sea, and built an army, stronger than ever.


  • Peter was a very strong and dedicated leader of his country. He constantly wanted to improve and make better aspects of the country, in any way that he could.
  • He cared about the needs of his people and refused to lose battles. Peter did not want to let down the people of his country, therefore he did his best to do the best for his country.

Interesting Facts

  • At the age of 10 in 1682, Peter took the throne, but did not start making important decisions for the country, until 1689.
  • Peter the Great was extremely tall, at the height of 6'8''.
  • Peter was married two times with eleven children, although many of them died while still infants.
  • As a child, Peter enjoyed sailing, carpentry, and building different sorts of ships.
  • Peter had always been interested in science and technology, and wanted to learn more about those topics.