RELPAX (eletriptan HBr)

A headache relief that doesn't help migraines

The leading prescription is probably better than this

These tablets are supposed to fix headaches and migraines but you can't take them if your migranies get seriously bad, like seriously bad to the point you have "a temporary paralysis" on one side of your body because apparently it'll cause loss of balance, slurred speech and some hearing change.

Honestly, what's the point in taking these? You're only allowed 2 tablets for 24 hours and if your headache hasn't gone away then you're just out of luck.

Also, there's a lot of junk in here so don't take the tablets if you're allergic to any of it. We don't want to be resposible for any of that.

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You really shouldn't use these tablets if you have high blood pressure, have heart desease, have had a stroke or problems with your blood circulations. You shouldn't combine any other medications with this one, because c'mon you're just asking for trouble now. Anyways we'll list a few medicines you should stay away from when taking RELPAX, even though you probably can't even pronounce half of these: ketoconazole, itraconazole, nefazodone, troleandomwhydoyouevenbother and clarithromyseriouslypeople.

Common side affects include: dizziness, nausea, weakness, tiredness, a pain or pressure sensation. You could also have heart attacks or strokes so call your doctor right away if you have chest pains.