Cost of surrogacy in India


Stress when not managed efficiently can be of massive impact to libido decline and have a say on the frequency of intercourse. Addictive alcohol usage and regular smoking can also be a main contributor to male infertility , men forbid to even disclose these facts prior to marriage .These couple, when hit by infertility do not handle the situation maturely rather break up the fragile vow like a pencil tip making their lives pointless.

Such nerve –cracking social evils can be halted with this simple premarital counseling and many innocent men and women can be fore-warned through this simple screening protocol. This premarital counseling includes awareness and screening on sexually transmitted diseases, general screening on nuptial health (ovarian reserve and semen analysis) and a simple counseling to understand psychological status to accept their natural marital bonding.

As a sincere citizen and a practicing doctor of our free India ,caring immensely for the wellbeing of family health of its citizens, strongly encourage premarital screening and counseling as a routine and not as an option. From the bottom of my heart, I request every citizen of India to join hands for the cause of saving innocent victims and to prevent unnecessary increase in the rate of divorce through this simple premarital counseling.

Cost of surrogacy in India is within the affordable range of people who want a baby by all means. Gestation surrogacy is common in India where parents get to choose the genetic attributes of their child due to the consumption of different sperm and eggs. Here, they will not contribute to the genetic traits of the baby. In such case, a lot of trial and error methods have to be followed. Cost of surrogacy in India for this type is quite high.