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You're receiving this email because there's been a LOT of change, positive change, with Origami Owl lately. I want to make sure YOU know that I am here for YOU. Everyone in my levels 1-4 is receiving this email and it is my hope that if you have a team, of 1 or 100+, that you'll share this info with them as well. I've included the items with the highest priority for your review. Please take some time to play and look around your new and improved, MUCH MoRE user friendly, back office as well for more info.

I mentioned positive change and I'd like to quickly share some remarkable numbers to show you exactly how positive this is for YOU! We've added over $2 MILLION in commission PAYOUTS. Below are the minimum payouts at each level of the career plan, then and now. The numbers on the LEFT are the old payouts and the numbers on the RIGHT are the new! (These #'s are for your knowledge, not for publication on social media please per our legal dept).

Leading Designer 45>45

Team Leader 120>120

Senior Team Leader 195>350

Executive Team Leader 450>1,125

Director 938>3,250

Senior Director 2,175>10,875

Executive Director 4,950>37,125

If YOU are ready to re-start or move your business to the next level contact me today! It could be a new car, pay off bills, pay for college or maybe you'll finally take that DREAM vacation! Whatever your goals, your dreams, we are here for YOU.

HOW TO WIN: Simply reply to this email by the end of the day Sunday, Feb. 21st with your goal and your WHY for taking it to the next level, and you'll be entered into a drawing. YOU CHOOSE THE PRIZE, Fall 2015 Hostess Exclusive Jewelry Box, large Custom Printed Origami Owl Banner, (great for events!), a Mobile Jewelry Bar OR $50 in NEW Products!

What are you waiting for? Let's do this! 2016 is OUR YeAR!

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Check this out! It's a MUST read and will help you wrap your head around the new Career Plan and see how YOU and YOUR team can advance.
Here's an insider tip... It's never been easier, or more lucrative, to promote and build a team!

What are you waiting for? TODAY is YOUR DAY and THIS is YOUR YEAR!!!

Click this link for all the answers to your questions on YOUR Career Plan.

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Dates to Fly By

Have you taken look at the newly designed Origami Owl Back Office?!?! Our beautiful O2 website has been redesigned to be even more user friendly! The landing page now has a calendar and the day of the month is highlighted to let you know that there is an event on that day. Make sure to check it out!

For now here are some dates to remember...

February 16-- Pre-order your Spring Hostess Exclusive if you qualified as a StoryBuilder in January. Keep an eye out for an email from the Nest for instructions to order your exclusive.

18-- New Starter Kits pre-sale

22-- Spring 2016 Collection Reveal

25-- Spring Take Out Menu Launch

29-- End of Valentine's Day Hostess Exclusive

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Recognition Time!!!

January 2016

Personal Volume (PV) Overall- Top 10

1. Patty Raley $3680

2. Mary Swain $2020

3. Donel Linn $1329

4. Ashley Witkowski $1310

5. Linda Wu $1291

6. Amber Heaton $1240

7.Amber Howell $1182

8. Stacy Schneider $1179

9. Jackie Lance $1132

10. Jennifer Bruening $1126

PV By Rank- Top 3


1. Linda Wu $1291

2. Jennifer Bruening $1126

3. Courtney Thompson $951

Leading Designer:

1. Donel Linn $1329

2. Ashley Witkowski $1310

3. Jackie Lance $1132

Team Leader:

1. Mary Swain $2020

2. Amber Howell $1182

3. Yvette McKee $1024

Senior Team Leader:

1. Patty Raley $3680

2. Stacy Schneider $1179

3. Amber Brown $1015

Executive Team Leader:

1. Rita Garcia $548

2. Nichole Garner $514

3. Lindsey Sullivan $108


1. Amber Heaton $1240

PV Level 1 Top 10

1. Ashley Witkowski $1310

2. Linda Wu $1291

3. Amber Heaton $1240

4. Nicole Holko $550

5. Nichole Garner $514

6. Cathy Daley $468

7. Shari Vegas $434

8. Abigail Newton $343

9. Sarah Rogers $342

10. Leigh Nunn $286

Central Team Volume (CTV) Top 10

1. Amber Heaton $20195

2.Nichole Garner $15265

3. Denise Salerno $9020

4. Danielle Galindo $6204

5. Yesenia Gonzalez $4826

6. Jennifer Alexander $3990

7. Lindsey Sullivan $3450

8. Christina & Ashley Fabanich $2334

9. Laurie McGarry $2221

10. Cathy Daley $1487

Congratulations to the following designers that Shared the O2 LoVE by sponsoring 1 new designer in January:

Alicia Escamilla de Obregon

Yuri Lopez

Brenda Rodriguez

Elsa Alegria

Leesa Barnhart

Christy Grissom

Amber Brown

Rosa Garcia

I can't wait see everyone SOAR to SUCCESS in 2016!!