Electrostatic spray painting

how it works

The paint or powder is given a charge as it leaves the nozzle of the sprayer. The object to be coated is either grounded or given a charge of the particles in the spray. In this picture, the paint leaving the spray gun is given a negative charge while the object has a positive charge. Electrostatic painting is better because it reduces over-spraying.

what it is mostly used for

The electrostatic spray paint is used mostly for coating the outside of a car to give the car color, it is used to coat the enamel of the refrigerator, flame retardant for some fabrics, and to paint parts that are made of metal plastic wood or fabric.


Francis Davis Millet and Harold Ransburg were both credited for the invention of spray painting. He mixed oil and white lead to make the solution. He then made a hose and attached it with a special nozzle. He proved that spray painting was much faster than painting with a normal brush. Ransburg is now a brand on most of the electrostatic guns used.

what it looks like