Andrew Jackson

Hero Or Zero Of America

Letter To The Editor #1

We are the Cherokees and we are writing this letter from Oklahoma to you because we were here on this land before all you white men. Yet we are being treated like animals and being kicked out of our own land. We even went to court against Georgia and we won the case. But Andrew Jackson, the total jerk he is, said screw what the Supreme Court said, I'm gonna kick them out anyway. He didn't even think about what would happen to us. Instead he cared about the money involved in kicking us out. What we went through next was known by us and the white men as the Trail Of Tears. Half of us died on this 1,000 mile journey to Oklahoma.

Letter To The Editor #2

We are the Factory Workers of the North and we are writing this letter to you because we are becoming rich by the South. You see due to the Tax of 1832 the South has to buy everything from us and we are profiting greatly from it. They can't plant jackets, tractor, and all manufactured products so they have to buy all of it from us. This is amazing, we are so happy that Andrew Jackson has become president, if he wasn't we wouldn't be making all this money.

Political Cartoon

In this political cartoon you can see Andrew Jackson holding a paper that says something about the National Bank. Also you can see the pillars that are holding up the National Bank. Also there is a worker of the Bank portrayed as a demon.