Grammar Group

Monday Mornings and Afternoons (room # 303)

Morning Crew (7:40-8:00)

Taylor, Chloe, Isaiah, Josh

Afternoon Crew (3:40-4:00)

Delane, Victoria, Shammond, Emma, Howquana, Raequan, Aaron, Ty, Jasmine, Abrajiah, Jaylin, Myles, Lindsey, Casey, Reese, Tori, Leda, Chandler, Quentin, Oreyane

Special Crew (3:40-4:00)-- Jumbled Writing

Jametrise, Raequan, Aaron, Ty

What will we be going over?

In this session, we will be going over basic grammar elements that you need to know to build a strong foundation in grammar.

  • 8 parts of speech
  • punctuation
  • using correct forms of words
  • anything else grammar-related!