Bottle Box

the cool new compartment


The bottle box is a little container to hold small things like snacks, makeup phones, anything!

And even better, its a great way to REUSE those old soda bottle you have lying around.



  • One large soda bottle
  • One 24” zipper (or get one from an old jacket)
  • Hot glue and Hot glue gun
  • Desired Paints (preferably recyclable ones)


  1. Get your clean soda bottle and cut the ends off, about 3-4 inches from each end.

  2. Cut zipper to the length of the circumference of the bottle

  3. Hot glue the zipper to the inside of the bottle (leaving enough space so the zipper can move smoothly.

  4. Paint your desired pattern

Structural Integrity

The Bottle Box is fully functioning and can be used over and over again.

Marketing Plan

Every one should buy this product because it is a great way to keep track of your things. It is easy to carry and its a cute accessory that's great for the environment. It is cheap and easy to make so