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Afghans want an end to US police training

Afghan president Hamid Karzai says he wants to end US police training because it draws more attacks to Afghanistan. "When foreigners leave, Afghanistan will never become unsafe; it will become safer." says Mr. Karzai. Some people are saying that Mr Karzai's opinion comes from his perception of ALP forces. But Mr. Karzai stays with his opinion and is still working on ending all of the US police training in Afghanistan.

Afghans NDS spy agency HQ hit by a deadly Taliban suicide, gun attack

On January 16th a suicide bomber attacked the gates at the gate of the Afghan Intelligence Service, killing 4 of the front guards. About noon the bomber drove up and the other five attacked on foot with guns. After the truck blew up, gunfire continued for about 45 more mins. With 4 dead, there were at least 10 wounded, and at least 7 cars that go caught in the explosion. Windows of nearby shops were blown out because of the strong explosion. The government and everyone else is trying to prevent any more of these attacks, but sadly on the 17th a car bomber hit a compound, and killed 2 Afghan workers, and wounded over a dozen.

Afghan camps recieve winter aid, but officials say it isn't enough

Afghan camps got winter aid kits, but officials say it isn't enough. More than 100 kids have died in these refugee camps. With about 900 families living in Western Kabul, each family was given warm children's clothes, blankets, tarps, cooking utensils, and soap. " We are happy to receive this, but we want food, and we need more fuel; we have all run out of firewood and charcoal" says Tawoosn Khan, one of the camps represenitives. All of these people are obviously happy even over-joyed, but they all have personal needs that need to be meet. So they received things to survive, but the officials, and the people in the camps say it still isn't enough.