By Jeff F

What were the significant firsts of animation?

Joseph Antoine Plateau created the first phenakistoscope in animation. The phenakistoscope was a toy created in the 1800’s. Arthur Melbourne-Cooper was the first to create a motion picture animated advertisement called Matches: An Appeal. This advertisement was created in 1899. Arthur moved matches sticks and took pictures to create the act that they are moving. J. Stuart Blackton created the first film drawing animation in 1906. J. Stuart Blackton is a British cartoonist. Emile Cohl made 250 short films from 1908 to 1918. Walt Disney created the first animation called Steamboat Willie and it implemented a synchronized track. Disney created an animation called TRON. TRON had a significant amount of cgi.

What is the difference between movie and TV shows animation?

I couldn’t find much about this question. In movies a lot of animators have a custom program specifically designed for them. While sometimes the director tells them to use this animating program and they have to learn. For movies a lot of the time they use celluloid paper. They do that sometimes in TV shows but most of it is digital. For some animators adobe flash is good because you don’t have to have to redraw a lot of things. While 3d animators may use heavy duty programs such as 3dsmax or cinema 4d.

What is the difference in animation from now and then?

A lot of animations were made on nitrate celluloid papers. Now they are mostly digital sometimes they have an actor where this costume and then they pin point it to show human motion in a live action film instead of using a lot of makeup. In Lord Of The Rings for Gollum they had an actor where this costume and then they used digital animation to make Gollum in a live action movie. Some people now still use nitrate celluloid paper but most of it is digital graphics like the Simpsons for example. It was first made by Matt Groenig using celluloid paper but now it is use digital. Back then many people used celluloid paper or traditional animation.

Do all animators use the same program for movies and shows?

Programs will vary between 2d 3d and just which is comfortable. Some will use 3ds max or cinema 4d. The one I use for 2d animation is adobe flash and the one for 3d I use is blender. There are many different animating products. Some products are better than others for movies rather than shows or clips. Flash is used more for web shorts or clips. While cinema 4d or some others can be used for movies or for shows. Some can do both using premade things. While others use graphic design to make it looks 3d by shades.

Why does it take long to make an animated movie?

Making an animated movie takes long for a lot of reasons. They have to come up with an idea represented by story boards. Next the animator draws the story boards on paper leaving gaps. Then the in-betweener adds the things between the gaps. The drawings are taken to the inkers who copy them onto celluloid or cels. The background is added and since celluloid is clear you don’t have to redraw it. It takes many animators to make a full time movie and they only work about 30 or 40 hours a week.


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